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The motivating factors for initially establishing the academic, postgraduate, multidisciplinary, international specialist study titled "Environmental Management, Policy and Sustainability" are as follows:

• to provide skilled and educated experts with the capability to understand modern day problems of environmental protection and management using interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach
• to propose adequate solutions for environmental quality control and pollution treatment
• to introduce the implementation of advanced environmental management systems

The improvement of global environmental conditions is a primary and urgent challenge of the 21st century. Modern society has now defined prerogatives for sustainable development, adequate usage of renewable sources, environmental quality and preserving biodiversity, through the development of cleaner and more efficient technologies. The impact of globalization has provoked increasing interest in sustainability and environmental protection. Environmental management integrates many scientific disciplines and skills illuminating the essential links between human life and nature, human society and the environment. The EMPS study programme offers the only academic postgraduate specialist multidisciplinary study in the field of contemporary environmental management.