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for the

postgraduate, international, specialist, interdisciplinary study on


Students who have completed graduate studies in natural, technical, economic, medical, social or other sciences are welcome to apply.

The EMPS study will start in the october 2012.
Entrance into the EMPS study is limited to students who have completed their graduate studies with an average mark of at least 3.5 -- on the scale between 2 (sufficient) and 5 (excellent), at least 75 -- on the scale from 50 (sufficient) to 100 (excellent), or at least B -- on the scale from C to A.
Applications should contain: a cover letter expressing the interest of the candidate, a copy of the university diploma, a full transcript of courses taken to date and marks obtained (ECTS if available), a copy of the identification card, a curriculum vitae (resume), and a certificate of English language knowledge (TOEFL or equivalent).

The study fee amounts to 11.100,00 HRK (1500 EUR) per semester. If a sponsor/employer will pay the tuition fee, a certificate of acknowledgement is needed.

Applications need to be received by September 15th (by post or by hand) at the University of Zagreb, “Rektorat”, Trg Maršala Tita 14, and labeled “Application for the postgraduate, international, specialist, multidisciplinary study on Environmental Management, - Policy and Sustainability - EMPS”.

Coordinator of EMPS Study: Dr. Natalija Koprivanac, Professor
Additional information may be obtained from: Dr. Ivana Grčić, University of Zagreb Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Marulićev trg 19
HR-10 000 Zagreb, Croatia Tel.: + 385 1 45 97 124 Fax: +385 1 45 97 143 E-mail: